The turn key platform for service providers in review management, sentiment analysis, listing management and more!

Listen. Discover. Engage. Action!

Social Media Monitoring that puts you at the heart of the conversation.

Social media has transformed how customers interact with businesses, but how do you cut through the noise to the conversation that's important?

Apphera is a powerful and comprehensive platform focused on discovering and organizing the social media chatter that matters in real-time, turning it into targeted actions that enable your customers to build and manage engaging and long-lasting customer relationships.

Competitive advantage from social intelligence

Maximize opportunities through understanding your competitors social media footprint. From how they market products to what people are saying about them, discover valuable insights that will help your customers to win more customers!

SEO for an ever-changing world

The web moves fast with ever-changing trends – so don't get left behind! Help your customers to take advantage of personalized and targeted SEO recommendations to drive more profitable traffic by reflecting the latest search strings and social media buzz.

We're on the pulse

We do the hard work so you can focus on running your business and serving your customers. Don't worry – if anything needs your attention, we'll automatically let you know, along with some great recommendations on actions to take!

The conversation is waiting – are you ready?