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Your online drivers seat

Apphera’s next generation social media listening and engagement platform has achieved a new level of simplicity in an continually evolving and complex field. Many social media platforms offer a myriad of ways to analyze complex data sets. Marketing teams often spend countless hours just learning the tools to monitor and act upon social media events. Apphera’s approach delivers deep insight into social media, yet simultaneously allows for intuitive navigation and direct action.



Competitor Analytics

Always know your competitions move. Comprehensive realtime monitoring and alerting delivers the needed situational awareness.

What do users say?

Reviews, tweets and posts are delivered to one inbox, analyzed and categorized. Gain 360 degrees of intelligence.

E-Mail Marketing

From address mining to HTML template creation and mass distribution, Apphera makes your E-Mail marketing a success.

Campaign Management

Orchestrate your online campaigns from one simple to use dashboard and gain unprecedented agility through realtime monitoring,


Uncompromising simplicity

What is it?


Apphera is software that can be installed on-site or hosted. From a simple to use dashboard you can track keywords across many different channels, manage social media campaigns and even mine e-mail addresses from the Internet and create campaigns - All from one place. Schedule an appointment to see it in action or watch the demo.

Own the software including source code

Flexible installation on-site or hosted

Operate via web browser on PC's or smart devices.

Gain 360 intelligence across all online media


Customized to your needs

The Apphera team is happy to discuss special requirements and customizations with you. Upon installation we deliver the complete source code including documentation to you. You have complete control over the solution as well as the data. In the future, data and business intelligence will be mission critical factors for market success. Own the data - own your market.